Louise Dubicki

Piano tuition in Newton Leys Milton Keynes

Frequently asked questions...

Do I need a piano at home?

You do need an instrument to practise on between lessons. This could be a traditional acoustic piano, or a digital piano made to recreate the sound and feel of an acoustic piano. Each has it's own advantages and disadvantages. A digital piano is not the same as a keyboard, and each will feel very different to play. If you want to try a piano before making the commitment, there are rental schemes available, where your rental money can be put towards the purchase price or there are plenty of second hand instruments. Without a suitable instrument to practise on, it is unlikely you would make good progress.


What is the recommended age to start learning piano?

It's hard to put an age on it as all children are different. It is important that they really want to learn. Often children start to learn at about age 7, but there are children who very successfully start a bit younger and of course many older than this.

What days and times do you teach?

I teach from Wednesday to Saturday. Click here to find out my current availability.


What age ranges do you teach?

I teach all ages, from age 6 up to adults.


Do I need to buy anything to support my child's learning?

You will need to buy some books with music for them to learn. I will recommend books at an appropriate level.


Can I learn as an adult even if I didn't do any music when I was younger?

Yes you can! Many adults like to learn in order to achieve something for themselves or perhaps to provide balance with other parts of their life or work. I am happy to teach adult beginners as well as children.



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